Big Bear Valley Fire Safe Council

Big Bear Valley Fire Safe Council

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Stay Aware, Stay Safe

We were all taught in school that fire is both a friend and a foe, depending upon how it's used and the care taken by the user. If you treat it with due care and use it wisely, fire brings you warmth, light and comfort. It's power can be harnessed to drive machines and even vehicles.

As long as you remember to always give fire the respect it deserves, it will work for you and provide you with many of the things you desire, safely. That means you need to always be aware of the energy that is present and be respectful of it's awesome power when unleashed in a controlled manner.

However, there are times when certain individuals forget to pay due respect to this miraculous element and through their carelessness and disrespect, great damage can be done to vast swathes of forest land, fields, the animals that live there and nature in general. Almost every time a forest fire starts, it is caused by the hand of a careless human being. Countless acres of plant life is destroyed and great numbers of God's creatures have their lives snuffed out because of a careless human being's lack of respect for the power they have control over. The saddest part is that nearly every instance of destruction by fire is preventable.

Don't be that person. Stay aware of the sheer destructive power of fire when it is allowed to get out of control and never allow it to start. Awareness and respect can save lives and spare the emergency services another harrowing task of trying to prevent the spread of wildfire and save as much plant and animal life as possible while also doing their best to minimize accidents and even the loss of lives of those brave souls who were only doing their job.

Support your local Fire Safety Officers and the official bodies they work with.

We also support Winter Springs FL Professional Fire Fighters.